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I find it really hard to find stylish and trendy outfits to wear during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Most of the clothes offered by the high street make you look like...well let's say not that beautiful and sexy as you basically just look very pregnant wrapped in some kind of garment. I also end up abusing my normal wardrobe trying to wear it as long as possible resulting that after pregnancy most of my clothes don't fit anymore because they have been stretched to their limits.

Luckily there are some brands picking up on this issue.

I stumbled upon a few on Instagram and wanted to share them with you. Surely, they are more out there. Please feel free to comment any other brand you think should be added to the list.

Minimalistic basics for all stages of motherhood

They have a quite good collection of different essentials from dresses to skirts (love the pencil skirts), to (nursing) tops (really trendy jumper designs) and typical preggy trousers (including cool joggers - they are called "Joggers to run" but I probably would just chill with them on the sofa ;-). 

Essentials for maternity and nursing

Their gift boxes are a delight for any mum-to-be. They offer a variety of bundles including nursing dresses, a cardigan, body oil and a muslin wrap. 


Fashion for nursing mamas

It is not too trendy but you can find some essential blouses and dresses.

nursing bras

A good nursing bra is half the rent and they claim that comfort never looked so good ;-)

Let me know what you think of these brands and if you have ever tried them. I am curious to know if you have any other brands to share, especially sustainable ones. I couldn't find any. I am sure a lot of mumpreneurs would be happy to get some further tips on how to shop stylish during pregnancy and maternity.

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