How mumpreneurs balance business and family

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

For business-minded moms, a “second shift”—shifting focus back to business once the bedtime duties are done—is par for the course with 39% of them stating that this is a regular habit or, at least, is something that they sometimes have to do to get things done (34%).

There is actually very little data available on women business owners with children under 18. So when we found this infographic we had to share it with you.

Even though the infographic only focuses on mumpreneurship in the US it motivates us to see that in the last nine years the number of women-owned firms increased by 45%—a rate five times the national average. Women-owned businesses now also account for 30% of privately held companies in the US, and as a result, should create more than 5 million new jobs nationwide by 2018. More power to us!

Mumpreneurs like you are doing amazing new things each year!

The infographic shows the motivations, techniques as well as sacrifices made by today’s mom entrepreneur. Let us know if you agree.


Read the full article originally published on 99designs here.


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