Make Your Girl The Hero

A customizable children´s book that breaks stereotypes. 

We stumbled upon an innovative project empowering young girls called Your Secret Code and thought this was definitely worth sharing with you.

It is known that women and ethnic minorities are almost non-existen in leadership roles as well as technical positions. However these are the high-paying jobs that will shape the future.

The influence of stereotypes start young as do aspirations. That's why Your Secret Code's mission is to show diverse role models that every girl can look up to.

They created a storyline about robots and coding which can be personalised, so that your little daughter actually becomes the main character and hence hero of the story and can be inspired by HERSELF. 

Pop by their website and check it out. We would love to see further books on other industries as well. And please start shipping to Europe as well! This is such a fabulous idea. Make your little girls can see what they can be!


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