Meet Charlotte from Baby Charley #mumpreneurstories

#mumpreneurstories is a series of interviews by mumpreneurs who share their journey to inspire and encourage others mums to live their dream. There is a lot we can learn from each other :) #mumpreneursquad

1. Tell us a bit about your family
I live with my partner Johnny on a farm in remote Eketahuna we have a baby girl 'Charley' who is 7months old.

2. What inspired you to launch our own brand called Baby Charley?
Charley.. I studied fashion design about 7 years ago & when Charley was on the way started I started sewing again. I noticed a lack of NZ made designer baby wear & started selling rompers at the local store 'Maisons.' As a new mother I wanted to run a business from home so I could spend more time with Charley.

3. Do you outsource your production or do you sew everything yourself?
I did everything in the beginning but now I do the pattern making & my amazing machinist Annabelle is in charge of the sewing.

4. What was the biggest obstacle as a mumpreneur you had to overcome so far and how did you do it?
Getting my garments 'made in New Zealand' was a challenge, we don't have a lot of resources & covering costs is a struggle, I am lucky to have found a great machinist to work with me.
5. On your Instagram, you are stating that your collections are trade and baby friendly? Can you explain what that means more in detail? 
I design everything from home & then I drive 20mins to Annabelle who hand sews everything from home. We use light weight natural linen fabric & next season we will continue with baby friendly fabrics such as bamboo & wool.

6. Your brand is still very young as you have just launched your first collection called Neverland. How are you planning to get the word out there? What is your marketing strategy? 
I hope to get it in as many stores as possible by approaching them myself, I still prefer to shop in person & of course social media (@babycharleyco).

7. How are you doing your product photography? Do you have a special team taking care of it or are you doing it yourself?
I take most of the photos myself but I have been lucky enough to get some good photos from @quinn.and.theo and @haley_dennis.

8. What made you choose Shopify as a website provider?
A friend put me on to them as my computer skills are very limited. Its user friendly and the support call team are really helpful.

9. What is your best advice you would give to any mum who would like to launch their own business?
Put your ideas into reality & make things happen, Mums can do anything.

10. How did you design your brand logo & business?
Frank Design helped me design my logo & swing tags.


  • Amelia

    So clever well done x

  • Rachael

    Amazing!! Such a clever mama, the styles, colours and fabric is beautiful!! Xx

  • Erika

    You are one amazing Mama ?

  • Christine

    Congrates Charlotte well done xxx just need some gold gug boots in the collection

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