Not your typical affirmation cards

This is too good not to share! A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a wonderful project called "Love Powered Co." founded by Anna and Lindy two mums from Canada. Their mission is to create a self-worth movement, powering the next generation of mindful leaders. Hence they have defined 22 Powers to affirm the greatness within our littles ones and created beautiful affirmation cards. I simply had to get in touch with them for you mamis to get a sneak peek of their product idea and some tips on how to succeed.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your families.
I'm Anna - I have an 18-month-old little goddess named Maya! She transformed our world upon her arrival! We are happily married residing in Oakville Canada/Playa del Carmen Mexico!

and I'm Lindy - my children are Jaden (6) and Farrah (4), and they are my world. My light. My life. Everything we (my husband Justin and I) do is to empower them to be the best they can be on the playground and to grow into the soulful leaders they are meant to become. My family of 4 is living in Burlington, Canada.

2. Could you explain to us what affirmation cards are for those among us who are not familiar with this term Affirmation
'I AM - Two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shares your reality.'
Through practising I AM affirmations (stating positive words and statements) with emotion and conviction, we impress empowering thoughts upon our subconscious minds. When we instil inspiring, encouraging and optimistic ideas and statements into our daily routines and practices, we become more mindful. We naturally raise our vibration, our belief in self, and our level of self-worth.

4. Tell us why your affirmation cards are so innovative
We searched high and low for the perfect affirmation cards to practice with our children. They just didn't exist. So, we decided to create them, and now we are making them available to families across the globe. How are we different? These cards ignite dialogue and the expression of feelings and emotions, better connecting our littles to the meaning behind these powerful words and statements. Bonus - these cards are so darn delicious and adorable, we are certain that your littles (and you!), will find it hard to keep your hands off of them.

5. You are currently running a Kickstarter campaign and within a few days, you already hit your funding target. How did you do it? What is the strategy behind your success?
We were so excited to launch this baby, and so we poured our heart and soul into the entire process. We had a 3-week pre-launch build-up, where we shared a video that had 17,000 views + 90 shares. We started to build our community on Facebook and on Instagram and had overwhelmingly positive feedback. The world needs more LOVE, and we are convinced that parents are hungry for something light and positive to bring into the home.

6. And last but not least what advice would you give a mumpreneur who would like to start her own business?
For any mumpreneurs looking to start their business - just go for it! Timing will NEVER be perfect! Have a vision, set goals, align with your dream team, and leave space for the miracles that manifest in divine timing!

Thank you,
Anna & Lindy

Check our Instagram account if you want to win a Loved Powered Littles digital download and don't forget to support their Kickstarter campaign




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