Useful tools that will make your life easier

Running a family and a business while being a wife and a friend ( in case there is something left of your social life) can be challenging at some time. 

I found some tools that help me safe time and be more efficient and I wanted to share the with you.



The first one is called Grammarly. It is a tool that easily improves any text by eliminating grammar errors. Write mistake-free on nearly all of your favorite sites on the web. When writing emails, while cooking while texting on the phone it is quite helpful to have a tool that alerts you when you start typing Chinese because you are just focused on too many things. 


Zoho Mail

I have set up my email address with Zoho Mail. It is free and it looks so much more professional if you have a "company email account" than using your private one or a regular email account provider like gmail or yahoo. The interface is easy and it is quick to set up.



Dropbox is a file hosting service. You can basically store all your documents online and access it from anywhere and any computer. Everything related to Superhero Collective I have stored in a Dropbox folder, so in case my computer or external hard drive crashes, I still can access my documents and haven't lost everything. It is also very practical if I am out without my laptop and need to work real quick, I can access everything from my friend's computer. Furthermore, it is really useful because you can share folders. All my documents and image material I am sharing with the press is accessible through a link and they can download whatever they are interested in. That avoids sending emails with large attachment and keeps everything in one place.





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