What is actually a mumpreneur?

The first time I heard the term “mumpreneur”  I immediately fell in love with the idea mums being entrepreneurs.

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and becoming pregnant I thought I had to postpone the idea of launching my own business for a while as my priorities would change soon. And true now being a mum my priorities are different but that doesn´t exclude fulfilling my own dreams. So my dream was always to build something innovative within the fashion industry, that serves for the better of the people and ideally empowers women at the same time. And here we go, I am launching Superhero Collective that combines all of it: A marketplace for sustainable baby and kids clothing by mumpreneurs.

So my very personal interpretation of MUMPRENEUR is:

A everyday mum who discovers her entrepreneurial streak and takes the courage to chase her dreams. She has the drive and determination to both succeed in business while putting her children first. She continually pushes past naysayers and while others are making excuses, she makes a move. Even though she fails, is tired and exhausted, she rises up and brings multitasking to a whole new level. She hustles her heart out and tries to make her vision so clear that her fears become irrelevant. Some days she amazes herself and other days she puts the laundry in the oven, and that is just fine. She never has enough time to do everything, even if there were 48 hours in her day.


She has a vision. She has a goal. She is unstoppable. She is a superhero. She is a mum. She is a boss babe.  She is YOU.


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