Why fair trade matters

Brockton Basics by Mini Mioche

Do you ever wonder how is your clothing made? We wanted to share with you a short movie on fair trade and why choosing Fair Trade Certified clothing is an important first step toward changing the garment industry.

The movie is from Patagonia, a fashion brand that is very innovative and a forerunner when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry. 

After having seen the movie we will definitely think twice before we buy again fast fashion. 

We are curious to know how realistic you find it to buy all your clothes sustainable? Let us know in the comment section.

*Cover picture from fashion brand Brockton Basics by Mini Mioche founded by a mumpreneur who decided to produce simple ethically-made basics in neutral colours. 


  • Tam

    Thanks for sharing this video. It’s really nice to see, how Patagonia handles fair trade. I would love to help the workers get a fair salary and to improve their life. I try my very best to buy as much fair trade as I can. It’s not easy, but small steps are also steps into the right direction…

  • Vanesa

    Endlich mal ein Fashion Unternehmen, dass über den Tellerrand hinausblickt. Ein tolles und vor allem vorbildliches Konzept für viele Andere. Auch ich habe einen 2-Jährigen Sohn und muss beim Kaufen seiner Kleidung auf das Budget achten. Bei Kleidungsstücken, die in einer größeren Anzahl gebraucht werden kann ich nicht auf Fair Trade Produkte gehen, weil diese einfach viel zu teuer sind. Sie sind ihren Preis natürlich alle mal wert, wie man anhand des Videos sehen kann aber bezahlbar ist es für mich dennoch nicht. Ich versuche aber bei Kleidungsstücken die länger in Gebrauch sind und bei denen ich auf Qualität achten will schon auf Naturmode zurückzugreifen. Bio-Materialien und faire Arbeitsbedingungen für die Menschen, die die Kleidung herstellen.

  • Núria Balagué

    That is a super interesting short movie, thank you Superhero-collective for sharing it. Is in our hands to make these “small” steps and shop sustainable as possible as we can. As a mother of a 1 year old baby maybe it is difficult because he grows up really fast, but we (his parents) can do it and start teaching him a good lesson :)

  • Camille Greaves

    Thanks so much for sharing! This was definitely great food for thought. Although some of us are aware of the “dark side” of fast fashion many are still oblivious. As a mother of a 2 year old boy, I would love to say that I only shop sustainable, however, the truth is I don’t. Often times there is less accessibility and the price point is a bit high to justify paying for only a few months of use. However, it’s projects such as Superhero-collective that make me excited because they definitely fulfill a huge need in this market. Not only are the products cute and trendy but they are reasonably priced and it doesn’t hurt that they have a heart for humanity!

  • Ama Clara

    Interesting documentary! However I find it difficult to buy only sustainable clothes for my baby boy. They outgrow so fast their clothes and sometimes it is simple too expensive to go always for the sustainable/shop small option. Another good alternative however is to buy the clothes 2nd hand. That way you recycle them which is another form of sustainability.

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