About us

Superhero Collective is a marketplace for sustainable kids clothing, decor articles, and toys.

By shopping on Superhero Collective you support mumpreneurs to grow their businesses allowing them to combine their family and work life in a more flexible manner while still contributing financially to their families. Furthermore, you are making a difference in the fashion industry by investing in sustainability creating a better world for our children.

Take a moment to watch the video to find out more. (The video was originally produced for our Kickstarter Campaign)


We've had overwhelming feedback since our initial launch in July 2016 and have already signed up over 60 mumpreneurs from 10 different European countries. We've had requests to sell from the States, Canada, South Africa and even as far as Australia and New Zealand.


Mothers have always been entrepreneurial in the home. Our mission is to empower and enable women around the world to realise their full creative potential all while balancing a fulfilling work-life balance, and contributing to the economy.

Besides the marketplace platform, we host a global community of mothers called MumpreneurSquad encouraging one another to strive for their dreams by sharing practical tools and tips, inspirational success stories compelling one and another to launch their own brands. There is a place for everyone and together we are unstoppable.


Fast Fashion is creating an environmental crisis, often with bad labour conditions. Our Vision is to create a user-friendly marketplace that challenges sustainability* in the kidswear segment. I strongly believe that as mumpreneurs we can work together to change the fashion industry and make the world a better place for our children.

*Sustainability = respect for people and the planet


My name is Sarah and I am a semi-competent mum of a beautiful toddler boy and a little baby princess, a demanding wife, resilient entrepreneur, workaholic and always sleep-deprived. I'm passionate about women's empowerment and truly believe that there are too few female role models in business.

I'd love to work with you to make a difference in the fashion industry and enable mums to succeed and inspire others to do the same. I'm super excited about Superhero Collective and it would be an honour to have you on board.