Mint Wall Light - Minty Max

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Minty Max's cheeks glow when he is on.

We use wood harvested from well-managed forests (FSC) in addition to a durable, soft and light fabric in mint green. All our fabrics are Kona organic cottons, dyed without using any toxic nasties, which means that this light is a friend of the earth. Finally, we hand-embroider him before sending him off on to travel the world.

Inside Minty Max you will find a warm LED light; which means that he is an ideal housemate if you are looking for a cosy glow. This light is powered by a UK plug with USB port, has 150 cm of white cable and an inline switch. Brexit or no Brexit he is fully CE marked so our house wall light will be a welcome visitor in your home!

If you are outside the UK simply replace the UK 3-pin plug with your local equivalent, using the USB connector. Our lights are suitable for voltages ranging from 110V – 230V and as a result there is no need to use a voltage convertor.

16cm x 60cm x 14cm


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